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Replacement Blades for:
Bosch Multi-X
Craftsman Multi Tool
Chicago Multi-Tool
Dremel Multi-Max
Fein Multimaster
Fein Supercut
Genesis Multi-Purpose
Hardin Multi-Function
Haussmann 5-in-1 Tool
King Canada Multi Tool
KwikTool Multi-Use
Mastercraft Oscillating Tool
Master Mechanic
Milwaukee Multi Tool
Performax Multi-Tool
Pit Bull Multi-Function
Ridgid Jobmax
Rockwell Sonicrafter
Samona Multi Tool
Skil Multi-Tool
Task Force
Worx Sonicrafter
Flush Cut Triangular Carbide Rasp
Flush Cut Triangular Carbide Rasp
Material:              Tungsten Carbide Grit
Best for using:  Course Grinding, removing grout, aggressive material removal
Blade width:       Corner-to-Corner
Art No.:                820-1001
Carbide Rasp, Finger Shaped
Material:              Tungsten Carbide Grit
Best for using:  Rough grinding of filler, tile adhesives, concrete, stone and wood
Blade width:      More in small, narrow areas
Art No.:                820-1002
Carbide Rasp, File Shaped
Material:              Tungsten Carbide Grit
Best for using:  Deburring and filing cut-outs in fiber glass, wood, plastics and carbon fiber
Blade width:       10mm (3/8")
Plunge Depth:     mm
Art No.:                820-1003
Diamond Coated Delta Rasp, Dia. 80mm (3-1/8")
Material:              Diamond Grit
Best for using:
• Removing mortar or tile adhesive (e.g. when replacing damaged tiles)
• Removing carpet adhesive residues from a mineral surface
• Rough grinding of filler.tile adhesives
• For use with or without dust extractor
• Long life
Blade width:       80mm (3-1/8")
Art No.:                820-1101
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